About KN Media Limited

KN Media Limited was founded in 2002 with an aim of providing a full website design service to clients.  Our ambition is to help your company become successful and for us to grow with you as you begin to fulfil your ambitions.


Our ability to compliment our design services gives us an informed view on how to help maximise your budget and your company or shop’s online exposure within your budget.


We understand the importance of being found once you have a great website which is why we offer search engine optimisation appraisals and schedules.


The approach we take has been honed over the last decade of successfully working with our clients, and evolves as new trends develop and your requirements change.  We have enjoyed long term working relationships with many of our clients today, and have used our dynamic and flexible approach to continually improve client results and hit (or exceed) targets.


Often an overlap is present where different mediums are used for advertising. We can manage your photoshoot and then manipulate the resulting images to suit your needs.  This may be for your website or other marketing material such as flyers and brochures, which we are happy to produce.

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